We’ve been working hard for the past couple of weeks since the release of ConfigMgr WebService 1.1.0. Today, we’re happy to announce that a new version is available, ConfigMgr WebService 1.2.0.

What’s new

In this new version, common tasks perform during operating system deployment have been included. See the list below for new methods available within this release:

Configuration Manager
  • GetCMUnknownDeviceByUUID
  • RemoveCMUnknownDeviceByUUID
Active Directory
  • AddADComputerToGroup
  • RemoveADComputerFromGroup
  • SetADComputerDescription
  • SetADOrganizationalUnitForComputer


In order to get your hands on the bits for this web service, you have some options. You can download the source code from my GitHub page, and compile the web service yourself. For installation instructions, follow what’s outlined in the README.md file in the repository. You can visit my GitHub page from the link below:


Your other option is to download a compiled version of the web service, ready for use. This version has been made available on TechNet Gallery:


Update – Download version 1.2.0 and then update to 1.2.1 by replacing the ConfigMgrWebService.dll to get the latest bits.

ConfigMgr WebService 1.2.1 (1243 downloads)

I’ve published the source code for the purpose of making it available for those organisations that cannot leverage untrusted publishers, but also if you’d want to get your hands dirty and have a look at it.


If you already have ConfigMgr WebService installed in your environment, you can update it simply by replacing the ConfigMgrWebService.dll file in the bin folder of where you’ve placed the web service files. Please not though, that since version 1.1.0, 3 new Application Settings was introduced that you need to add manually, or replace the web.config file with the existing one and re-enter the values for each application setting.


Please refer to the ConfigMgr WebService 1.2.0 – Installation Guide PDF attached in the package available on TechNet Gallery (see link above).


Also attached in the package is the documentation for each method currently available in the latest version of ConfigMgr WebService. Please refer to ConfigMgr WebService 1.2.0 – Documentation PDF for more information.


  • Cody
    Posted at 20:39 April 27, 2017

    Currently RemoveADComputerFromGroup is always returning “false” for me, and I’m not seeing the group membership change.

    Quick request! Could you possible add in a “CreateADComputer” option? Giving the option to specify name, description, ou?

    • Nickolaj Andersen
      Posted at 12:22 May 5, 2017
      Nickolaj Andersen

      Hi Cody,

      It works fine here in my lab environment. Have you made sure that the identity that the Application Pool used by ConfigMgr WebService has the proper permissions to remove from groups?


  • Kenneth
    Posted at 19:00 May 7, 2017

    Does this web service work with MDT Standalone? When I run the test it works fine, but when running in MDT 500 errors

  • Danny
    Posted at 13:32 May 16, 2017


    Would it be possible to add the function “RemoveCMComputerFromCollection” to a future release of this web service?

    This would be a very helpful feature, such as at the end of an OSD task sequence so that the machine could be removed from the OSD collection after it has finished the task sequence.

    Great WebService by the way, really enjoying it! Keep up the good work.

    • Nickolaj Andersen
      Posted at 13:35 May 16, 2017
      Nickolaj Andersen

      Hi Danny,

      Stay tuned, it has already been coded in ConfigMgr WebService 1.3.0 that is about to be released soon.


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