We’re proud to announce the release of an update to the Driver Automation Tool, with version 6.2.0 going live for downloads.


  • The Driver Automation Tool has now been wrapped into an installer (using the excellent Advanced Installer)
    • Includes a prerequisite checker which will check for PowerShell 5.0 and Visual Studio 2015 Isolated Shell. Missing components will be automatically downloaded and prompted for installation

    • In version 6.1.7 of the Driver Automation Tool, a verbose output Window was added. Some have requested that this was optional, so now in 6.2.0 there are two builds with the default showing no console output.
    • A new start menu group is created, with links to a verbose output version of the Driver Automation Tool, along with other shortcuts to the source code, SCConfigMgr support pages and our GitHub repository;
    • By default it will automatically now install to %Program Files%\SCConfigMgr\Driver Automation Tool. For those of you wishing to migrate existing settings, simply copy your existing settings folder and replace the one in the new location. Alternatively, you can change the installation path;

  • GUI Updates
    • Updated to support DPI scaling for 4K screens
    • GUI size is no longer fixed, and can be dragged to a required size
  • Windows 10 1903 support
    • At time of writing it does not appear that the OEM feeds are showing 1903 downloads


  • Fix: Driver source clean up not cleaning all source content
  • Fix: Condition where the model search bar control disabled and requires a selection toggle to re-enable the control


The user documentation has been updated, and is now available from the Start Menu link.


The Driver Automation Tool 6.2.0 is now available for download on Microsoft Technet – https://aka.ms/drivermanagementtool


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