This version and onward uses an updated method for retrieving the Windows 10 ADK installation files from a XML feed hosted here on and now also modified to support the changes that came with Windows 10 ADK version 1809 where the WinPE optional feature is not a single add-on requiring a separate installer. As for the offline method,


You can download the tool from the TechNet Gallery, following the URL below.

Download ConfigMgr Prerequisites Tool 3.0.4 on TechNet Gallery


From this version and onward, ConfigMgr Prerequisites Tool source code will be available on GitHub:


Included in the download from the TechNet Gallery is a PDF with more details about each section of the tool.


  • Eric D
    Posted at 22:54 February 17, 2019
    Eric D

    I was unable to extend the schema on a Windows 2019. Your tool completed successfully, but the schema wasn’t extended.

    I went to the DC, opened a command prompt and execute extadsch.exe, but nothing occurs. No log file was created too.

    Then, I launch the explorer and double-click on the extadsch.exe, and I got the following error message.

    The program can’t start because mfc120.dll is missing.

    Installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable have solved the problem for me.

    source :

    Thank you

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