In order to walk you through the entire process of setting up the co-management feature, I am going to break this down into a number of parts;

In part 3 we are going to run through the process of adding the Cloud Management Gateway in ConfigMgr

Cloud Management Gateway Setup

  1. Right-click on Cloud Management Gateway, choose Create Cloud Management Gateway

  2. Choose Azure environment: AzurePublicCloud
    Subscription ID: Your Azure Subscription ID
    Management certificate: Choose the AzureManagement.pfx that we created on part

  3. Region: The Azure region where the cloud service will be hosted
    Certificate file: Choose CMG.pfx what we exported on part 2
    Service FQDN should automatic assigned base on your certificate subject name, So as Service name.
    Uncheck Verify Client Certificate Revocation

  4. Click on Certificates uploaded to the cloud service: Certificates…
  5. Click on Add, choose RootCA.cer that we created on part 2
    If you have subordinate CA, Add them too.

  6. Next..Next..Next..Close to complete the setup.
  7. To view the status, check CloudMgr.log or from Admin console.
    It took about 20 minutes to finish installation in my test environment


Configure Cloud management gateway connection point

  1. Log on to server CM02.zit.local
  2. Add Site System Roles, choose Add Cloud management gateway connection point

  3. Next, it should give you cloud management gateway name. Click Next to start install cloud management gateway role.


The Cloud Management Gateway is now configured, we will need to configure the Management point and Software Update point to use the gateway.

Continue on Part 4 (Management point and Software Update point)

Log files for troubleshoot cloud management gateway, see this


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