So yet another awesome insight into future production releases of SCCM is upon us, this being 1708 technical preview. Lets explore some of the features included in this release and prepare those of you running production only environments for what is coming your way soon.

Software Center Branding Options

A big cosmetic change comes in the form of the ability to brand the Software Center with corporate logos without an active Intune subscription. This is achieved via a new client settings option;

On the Software Center options page you will now find options to set the colour scheme, assign a corporate logo (max size is 400 x 100 and 750kb in size, Jpeg & PNG formats are accepted) and the ability to selectively hide individual tabs inside the Software Center.


Reboot from the console

A new welcome addition to the console is the ability to reboot hosts directly from the console device collection screen. The restart time can be controlled through the client settings in the computer restart tab;

The reboot prompt also features a countdown timer and progress bar, hopefully the company branded logo will follow into this prompt before it hits the production build.

Note: The countdown timer will be shown where a user is logged on, otherwise it will honor the current restart settings.

 Script Parameters

The development of the run script feature continues with the next logical step, the ability to specify parameters run at run time.

When importing a script or indeed when creating a new one, you are presented with a script parameter section if the script supports command line parameter binding. Subsequently after approving the script you then have the option to specify parameter values run running the script;

PowerShell Commands

PowerShell command count has been increased from 925 to 930, a total of 3 commands have been retired, these being;


Aside from the commands removed, we now have 8 new commands to utilise in our scripting arsenal. The good news continues when you see that all of them are for editing/adding task sequence steps;


The addition of these commands makes for improved task sequence management through PowerShell, something which we have seen great work on over the past number of releases.

Management Insights

This is an interesting addition and something many of you have been crying out for, the ability to quickly identify applications without deployments (also see my early post on this very subject – and empty collections, allowing you to perform some spring cleaning.


Documentation for technical preview 1708 is available on Technet –


  • Robert
    Posted at 04:41 August 28, 2017

    What is the next build after 1702 and when will it be released? Any date for 1708?

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