It’s been a while since the ConfigMgr Content Source Update Tool got any of my attention lately. Since the release of the tool, requests have been made that I’d add a check box under the Update column, allowing for selecting or deselecting all items in the data grid. I’ve been meaning to add this functionality, and I’m happy to announce that with the latest version of this tool, you can now do so. A big thanks to Zeng Yinghua (@sandy_tsang) for helping out with some great community work.

What’s new

With the release of version 1.0.2 there are a few new features included:

  • Select all check box that allows for selecting or deselecting all items in the result data grid
  • Replaced Path parameter with LiteralPath for the supported cmdlets in the Driver section. This allows for validating and copying driver content source residing in a structure that contains unsupported characters


You can grab the latest version on the following TechNet Gallery page:


  • Calvin
    Posted at 14:03 May 10, 2017

    I am having a problem moving *.inf files using the tool. Would there be reason for this? Have ensure that that ‘everyone’ has full share and security access.

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