It’s been some time since the re-release of my ConfigMgr Prerequisites Tool version 2.0.0. Since then, it has been reported that the new version had issues when launching it from a folder structure that contained spaces. I’m happy to say that in version 2.0.1 this has now been released. For those of you wondering if support for Windows Server 2016 has been added, I’m still in the testing phase but so far it seems to be working fine. If you have any issues, please report them to me by either emailing me or commenting below on this post and I’ll look into it.


As usual, the TechNet Gallery page has been updated with the latest version, you’ll find it below:


  • seb
    Posted at 16:42 May 19, 2017

    used it to install prereq for a state migration point on server 2016, did run ok but it didn’t install the BITS feature (wich was needed for the role to install correctly, and maybe it was misssing other things that I added manually)
    great tool, thanks again, will rerun for sure!

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