I’ve recently seen people asking on forums about how to modify the source settings of SCCM packages when migrating software installation files from an old server to a new one. Obviously manually updating packages is an option, but this will take time.. so this is achieved very easily by running the PowerShell code below

Created with: SAPIEN Technologies, Inc., PowerShell Studio 2016 v5.2.128
Created on: 31/10/2016 14:13
Created by: Maurice.Daly
Filename: UpdatePkgSource.ps1
Updates the source location for SCCM packages and update your distribution points
Provided as is with no support. Run at your own risk.


foreach ($Package in (Get-CMPackage | Where-Object { $_.PkgSourcePath -like "*$OldSource*" }))
Write-Host "Modifying $($Package.name) with new location $NewSource"
$UpdatedSource = $Package.PkgSourcePath -replace $OldSource, $NewSource
# Update source location of package
Set-CMPackage -id $Package.ID -Path $UpdatedSource
# Force update of distribution points
Get-CMPackage -id $Package.ID | Update-CMDistriubtionPoint


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