I’ve chosen to update the ConfigMgr Prerequisites Tool to reflect the correct name of the latest version of ConfigMgr. In the previous version of the tool, it said ConfigMgr vNext, which has now been amended to ConfigMgr Current Branch.

Release notes

This minor update to the tool includes the following:

  • Minor fixes in the code.
  • Correct naming of the latest version of ConfigMgr.

As you may have seen on Twitter, I’m working on a new version of the tool which will be 2.0.0. I’ve decided to share a teaser here:


This new version will feature a new graphical interface, more features and what I’m most excited about is that it will feature PowerShell runspaces where the graphical interface is running in a separate thread. This means that the tool won’t seem to have frozen while it’s processing the given task.

Download the ConfigMgr Prerequisites Tool

As with previous realeses, you can download the tool from the TechNet Gallery.

I hope you enjoy this new version, and please report any issues that you may have with it.



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