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Create Software Update Group Tool console extension for ConfigMgr

A few weeks ago I released a PowerShell script that would allow administrators to easily create a Software Update Group containing Software Updates defined between a specified date. This is a functionality that I’ve over the years always used the…
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Create a Software Update Group defined by date in ConfigMgr with PowerShell

As a ConfigMgr administrator, one of the main functionality that many of us are working with is Software Updates. Over time, I’ve eventually decided to automate many of the tasks involved in managing Software Updates, like my console extension to…
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Remove expired and superseded updates from a Software Update Group with PowerShell

If you’re working with patch management in ConfigMgr 2012, you’ve most likely scratched your head about why there’s no simple way to remove the updates that have been expired or superseded. To help with that I’ve created a PowerShell script…
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