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How to Enable Disabled Programs in ConfigMgr 2012 with PowerShell


When you’re doing a migration and migrate Packages and Deployments that are associated with them, the best practice is to not let the migration wizard enable the Program for each Package after the migration has successfully completed. Instead, it’s a…
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Interpret cryptic SMS_Advertisement object properties with PowerShell


For quite a while now, I’ve been thinking about creating a PowerShell script to help with identifying Package or Task Sequence deployment settings, for instance if any of the deployments have been configured to run directly from the Distribution Point or…
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Remove multiple Packages in ConfigMgr 2012 with PowerShell


Lately I’ve been involved in a migration project where the customer is moving from legacy Packages to the new Application Model. During our analysis we came to the conclusion that some packages would be left and not migrated to applications….
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Prompt for OU location during OSD with PowerShell


I read a post on the TechNet forums the other day where a member asked for help regarding to choose the location of where the computer object would be created in Active Directory depending on region and computer system (you’ll…
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