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Deploy Adobe Acrobat Reader 2015 DC with ConfigMgr 2012

Over the past years I’ve been blogging about how to deploy Adobe Reader with ConfigMgr 2012, leveraging the way of creating a slipstreamed installation packages for each new version that gets released by Adobe.Recently Adobe has released their latest version…
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Updated script to Slipstream Adobe Reader with PowerShell

Time flies by and it’s already almost a year ago I released my PowerShell script to slipstream Adobe Reader for deployment with ConfigMgr 2012 as an application. During this time, I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from readers of…
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Deploy Adobe Reader 11.0.6 with ConfigMgr 2012

This is going to be a very short blog post, since I’ve improved the method of slipstreaming Adobe Reader mentioned in this blog post. The latest version of Adobe Reader is 11.0.6 and it’s a quarterly released patch. Simply download…
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