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  1. Vikram

    Hi Nick

    I am a fresher just started my career with SCCM. I keep reading most of the articles of you that deal with basics and also in depth. I would like to know about what is the scope of SCCM going to be in the future? I am pretty much interested in learning in depth and also bit worried at the same time as I am in state of what happens to SCCM because of Intune? Please help me in clearing this complexion from my mind.


  2. Shannon

    Hi! Thank you for all of you good advice.
    Do you have any tutorials regarding Acrobat Pro Enterprise deployment through SCCM 2012?
    I would sure appreciate it.

    1. NickolajNickolaj (Post author)

      Hi Shannon,

      Unfortunately I don’t 🙁


  3. Paulo Barata

    Hi Nickolaj,

    great post, congrats.

    Can you explain how to deploy the updates to the latest version of Adobe Reader DC

    I´ve disable updates like you explain.

    Best regards from Portugal.

    Paulo Barata
    Systems Administrator

  4. nabbu

    Hi Nick,

    In my environment, I have primary site server, distribution point server and SQL server (Client was also installed in all 3 server). I have a good back up of primary site server. I deployed two applications and it was installed in all the three server. After this my primary site server crashed and other two servers are still fully functional.

    Is there the way to recover that state of Primary site server where my two application was installed? or I have to deploy those two application again after doing my recovery?

    Any suggestion or help will be beneficial.

    Thank you

  5. Antivyris

    Noticed in SCCM 1602, there are new functions in the right click menu on collections under “Client Notification”, happen to have done a post on them?

  6. Arun

    Hi Nicko,

    I had upgraded the version SCCM from 1511 to 1610, after installing client, its publishing only 20 applications out of 50 in the Software Center.

    What about other 30 applications?? I had checked the deployments as well.

    Many Thanks in advance!!


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