Deploy Adobe Acrobat Reader 2015 DC with ConfigMgr 2012


Over the past years I’ve been blogging about how to deploy Adobe Reader with ConfigMgr 2012, leveraging the way of creating a slipstreamed installation packages for each new version that gets released by Adobe.Recently Adobe has released their latest version…
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Remove WSUS configuration before capturing a Reference Image with MDT


While I was configuring MDT for creating reference images at one of my customers, we noticed that in some cases when systems that were deployed through ConfigMgr using the reference image we’ve built, they would contact the WSUS server used for patching…
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Create Windows Firewall rules for Migration in ConfigMgr 2012


When you’re going to perform a migration from either ConfigMgr 2007 or between two ConfigMgr 2012 environments, there’s always a bit of hassle with the Windows Firewall. The Windows Firewall should never be turned off just to work around the…
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Use Compliance Settings to determine if Windows Firewall is enabled


Compliance Settings in ConfigMgr 2012 is a great feature that can be used for a variety of things. It’s used to validate the compliance of certain settings on devices against rules that returns the compliant or non-compliant state. One thing…
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