Unable to manage Subscriptions in SSRS for ConfigMgr 2012 Reports


When you install a Reporting Service Point in ConfigMgr 2012, you might want allow your users to be able to manage Subscriptions to the reports through the web interface of SSRS. In the default setup, the behavior is that only…
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Install and Configure a Remote Reporting Services Point in ConfigMgr 2012


In this blog post we’ll go through the necessary steps you need to take in order to install and configure a Reporting Services point on a remote Site system. Most of the time, a single Reporting Point is enough for…
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Export and Import Reports in ConfigMgr 2012 with PowerShell


When I tweeted that I was working on a script to export reports from a Reporting Service point, I received a lot of response on that subject. In fact, I was only playing around to see if there was a quick…
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Create Custom Reports for ConfigMgr 2012 with Report Builder

Reporting in ConfigMgr 2012 is a powerful way to get alot of information about almost everything in your environment. But sometimes the built in reports that Microsoft has provided is not enough. If you search on google for how to…
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